Peering into other lives

Enormous wonders are hiding in plain sight. Sometimes they are the world around us, and other times they are people. Vivian Maier was both – she was studiously particular abut her craft, and highly secretive in her practice.

I see something interesting in her life’s work…it could not have been so excellent if she were to become even a trifle famous, let alone familiar. She was a ghost taking wonderful pictures of people and world around her. A kind of urban combat photographer.

Also, it gives me pause to consider the giants in this world who eschew notoriety. Mny of the subjects interviewed who knew her were oddly put off by the wonderful sew ret life she lead. I wonder if they would have been as put off if she were ordinary and not gifted. How sociopathic of us to *need* attention even when we are wonderfully gifted. There is something huge and beautiful about being great at something and merely being happy to be able to do it.

Take a peek at the material…I can’t imagine the effort it will take to unearth all of her works (consider the mountain of *un*developed film she left behind), but what a gift, and it will keep on giving.


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