YAB: Setting up yet another blog


Decided to finally stop tinkering and move my personal blog to its rightful place!

Eliteconceptual.com was not the most appropriate place to mix family stuff, business experiments, and stuff. I’ve been just too distracted to get it going up until now, so I’ve moved it to jason.eliteceonceptual.com. <rubs hands> okaaay.

I guess I’ll have to start posting?

That said I find I’m tiring of putting effort into FaceBook and knowing that I depend on that service to keep going forever. There are truly neat things that can, and should live on inf Facebook. However I am going to see if I can’t start using this site to store my thoughts, links, and discoveries, and then share those to Google+, Twitter, FaceBook, Friendster, FriendFace, etc ad nauseum. I think it may work out better as there is flux between competing social networks, and I want to cross-share knowledge and bring discussion back to my forum whenever appropriate. Kinda like what the¬†Diaspora¬†project was supposed to do. On my own terms ;)

So here we are, and off I go.

2 thoughts on “YAB: Setting up yet another blog

  1. I have been looking for a good way to do just that i’ve tried tumblr and hootsuite but the all lack the control I want, what wordpress plugins are you going to use
    I just set a place holder blog at petereller.com but have yet to configure and theme it

    • I see lots of promise with tumblr, and many others, but only if you use a host of other services to augment your posting and blogging. We did some work with the trackie group on Simon Whitfield’s 2010 site, which is hosted at SquareSpace. It does much the same thing as tumblr – a slick, themable blogging engine, with unfortunately limited plugin capability – and as long as you use it for blogging you’re golden. But it’s linking external content is the rolling issue. I really love the massive quantity of extension for cms engines like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. And that’s where I found I needed flexibility, or control as you put it.

      Things evolve so frequently that you might want to cross link content between google plus and Facebook but it ain’t gonna happen easily ;)

      But with your own cms, you have control. These days the cms options are behaving more and more like applications, so with my iPad in tow I want to see if I can aggregate my workspace into my own cms…as I use google docs, maybe I will be able to use WordPress the same way?

      I’ll email you my plugins list…don’t want to advertise any weaknesses in case I grabbed a junky piece of code.

      Let’s chat about this more…arsathleti.ca is being worked on too ;)

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