Spring training

So I’m back to doing some running. And I always have to make it a challenge. This month marks the 4th time in one year I’ve begun a crash course in training. ¬†Usually a ritual that involves losing half of my toenails to blisters while I break myself in again running fartlek style 10 milers until it stops taking me three to four days recovery in between. Only this time I’m in a group!

Check em out.

The fellow at right used to be a pretty talented high schooler, and he grew up to be a very talented coach and group leader. His baby is Marathon Dynamics, and I encourage anyone looking for a good performance group to check them out.

In the meantime I need to dig up those high school photos and find a decent heart rate monitor so I don’t end up needing a defib.

OCZ Vertex Series SATA II 2.5″ SSD *EOL – OCZ

OCZ Vertex Series SATA II 2.5″ SSD *EOL – OCZ.

Just put one of these in my 2008 era Mac Pro…on a lark to see if I could squeeze some more performance out of what appeared to be a slowing machine, running MacOS 10.7. I’m purposely not spending the extra $$ on the more reliable SSDs as I’d like to see how these perform (or fail) first. Plus I have a Drobo Pro JIC.

First impression of SSD use. Wow.

I saw a massive boost in performance right away. Applications are much snappier, and bootup and restart times are much quicker, as expected. All around worth the $$. A new Mac Pro quote was going to sit around ~3400.00 so I’m going to see if this will delay that by a year or more. Since OS 10.7 allows apps to resume on login the speedier disk reduces the lag I see when waiting for the desktop to fully load.

So far very happy!

LKML: Timo Jyrinki: Simultaneous cat and external keyboard input causing kernel panic


LKML: Timo Jyrinki: Simultaneous cat and external keyboard input causing kernel panic.

I encountered a kernel panic with the 3.1.0 kernel on a Dell Latitude
E6410 while inputting simultaneously from the integrated keyboard with
a cat and from the external keyboard myself. I was trying to type my
password with the external keyboard (pw dialog already visible), but I
noticed that the computer didn’t seem responsive to my typing. Then
suddenly the cat shifted his position and there was a kernel panic
involving input handling. I’m now using i8042.nokbd kernel parameter
as a workaround, something I’ve found useful also earlier.

I’ve never given thought to use an animal with multiple external peripherals when testing input load issues. Now I have one more reason to get another cat.