About Jason

Personally? I love stories.

I don’t know how many great ones I can tell, but I have had the chance to hear many, and experience a few.

I’ll start with origins and beginnings.

My mum and dad come from opposite sides of the planet – Australia and Canada. I married a beautiful woman who helped me continue that tradition – she was born in Tanzania and I was born in Canada. We’ve got two little girls who may do the same one day.

I’ve had the chance to see Canada from all sides except the arctic, although I have a soft spot in my heart for the West coast, I know by heart the hidden charms south central Ontario holds.

I almost wound up in Australia forever, twice. Loved it both times. I tried for a third, but fate deals interesting cards.

I now live in Toronto Ontario, and while I love the idea of going elsewhere at times, I find the City as I know it, is irreplaceable. If you’re a foodie you’ll understand.

I used to be a world class distance runner, and travelled to many interesting places. I held a few national records at one point, and still hold one – the indoor 5000m. I eventually retired in “spurts” as I found new labours and new loves. I now work in IT, a great field with great people, and I get to feed my insatiable desire to see new technologies. I really enjoy business process analysis, and finding ways to map software, systems, and technologies to their best uses in the enterprise or small business.

On the retired athlete end, I’m currently approaching master’s age (make that *am* master’s age now)…and I’m wondering how fast I might need to run to win a few more races. I’ve been in the same race as Gebreselassie, he must be gone by now, right?

In 2010 he tried to attack his own world record for the third consecutive time at the Dubai Marathon 2010. Although he won the race with a time of 2:06:09, he failed to break his 18-month world record.