Speaking of grains…

Clean energy adoption won’t be about any single big idea. It will be the cumulative effect of major technological advances being utilized in simple, small ways. Bloom Energy has developed a type of fuel cell that is cheap to produce (silica sand is a major ingredient), runs with little maintenance, and can utilize a range of available fuel options. It is scalable, and stackable!

Seeing the simplicity of this device and its potential make me sad it is not being touted more widely nor loudly, but I like what they’ve done with their product development and the clear marketing plan – sell it by using it!

Take careful note of how they not only demo’d the device, but outed the many (!) commercial customers who are already using the devices. It seems eBay is getting 15% of their LA campus’ energy needs from a small farm of these Bloom Boxes. Ditto a range of top tier corporate clients.

Grain #1 redux

Dropping in!

Funny I posted this thought in 2007 just because I felt I *had* to write it down. I was setting up my google profile and up popped this page – I was sure it was someone else’s. Thinking it wasn’t mine I thought it was a neat piece and tried to comment…I logged in and there I was. So weird.

So given this is my only blog post on my only true blog. I must inherit my orphaned self.

Continuing the meme I like the idea that my thoughts from several years ago are foreign to me. Is that a good thing or merely an indication that I’m divorced from myself? Ah well. I’ll find that out if I write more.



Grain #1

It’s funny the things we leave behind.

I setup my personal domain on eliteconceptual.com after a hiatus in 2007. In doing so I pointed blog.eliteconceptual.com to a blogger site I then used once, then forgot about. Googling later on I found the post, and thought the sentiment was great and was going to post…See Grain #1 redux for the outcome. Too funny. I was posting a response to my own blog :P



I am writing this for me largely and perhaps for some others to stumble upon. I collect small memories here and there, but I stopped doing that – I’ve bee dead for a number years now.

However two small art projects shook me into a lesser state of complacency lately while I’ve been wastign time consuming ideas rather than generating them:

  • http://www.foundmagazine.com/
  • http://www.postsecret.com/

I usually go trolling for shocking ideas, metaphors, and life accounts merely to stretch myself to understand experiences I could not have either done myself, or that I’ve been unwilling to go to the effort to achieve.

These two places above are great because I feel – literally feel life In me looking at the objects on display (Found); and the secrets (postsecret) revealed. They are raw, uninterpreted, and real. As with many universal truths they are communicated in very few words but they set off many things in the reader upon exposure. Its this interaction that life brings when you run through a cool, foggy and green forest alone, or you experience victory in something undoable, or you’re given a horrible choice to make.

The web? What can possibly bring that? Gore? Eye-witness accounts of disaster? Pornography? They seem to incite appetite for more in many. It’s desensitizing.

These two places bring me an appetite for less, and a desire to look inside me and inside of others. A remarkable thing considering what the web has become.

Thank you for serendipity, and the hard work of creative people.